VNC Into Your iPhone With Veency

From Power Points to Concept Demo’s the ability to control your iPhone/iPod/iPad wirelessly from your home network computer is quite magical. In this tutorial I will make it possible for you to view your iDevice screen wirelessly from an external monitor on your home network. This is a very interesting and powerful tool, so check it out!

Also check out ScreenSplitr for an AV out example, I (Gizmopunk) will be posting some cool mod’s using this program and some Vuzix 920Wraps soon.

Here is what you’ll need:

{ the list below will link to more detailed instructions per each item }

1. Jailbroke iPhone/iPod Touch (any generation/model)

2. Cydia and the Veency app (and preferably SBSettings to toggle the Veency app)

3. A PC or a Mac (though this tutorial is made for a PC, comment if you would like a Mac version)

4. Real VNC (the free VNC program)


I used to create the video, it worked like a charm. All media was created and stored in the cloud, then directly uploaded to Youtube.



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