Mike Seeba

This is a remix of beats and backwards sitars from the Mike Seeba sitar session recorded at Burning Token Studios 8/25/09. Video and music remix by Resin8 at http://www.BurningToken.com.

Mike Seeba and Gizmopunk have known one another for some time now. They even produced an electronica album in 2004 based on the story line of the original Tron Film. (I’ll post this when I find the right WordPress music player plug-in, comment if you have suggestions.)

“I’ve seen Seeba bust out hits like this improvisation-ally on Hawthorne in front of the Bagdad, busking never sounded so good man.”



One thought on “Mike Seeba

  1. What up *****!

    My friend Jon Berman and I are making a t.v. show, It’s called Original Fool. It is a discussion show, just two guys talking about stuff, and guests or live callers now and then. Here’s the website, no content yet, just got it up today (8/19). Give me a holler and I can tell you more about the show. I think you’d be a good person to have as a guest sometime. http://www.originalfool.us

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